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I live in San Francisco with my partner Arnold. My interests include downhill skiing, computers and science, besides photography.

I use a currently use a Sony DSC-S75 3.3Mp digital camera. I just received a Canon Rebel for Christmas (2006) so hopefully some more photos will show up here with better quality.

Are you interested in getting prints of photos in my public galleries? Please send an email to me, to let me know. (If you have access to any of my private galleries, photos from those may be ordered through SmugMug.)

I claim a copyright on all photos in my galleries, except those that are shown to unintentionally resemble prior work or a portion of a photo includes a copyrighted or trademarked image.

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SAGA North ski trip to Whistler, February, 2002

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Whistler 2003

Ski trip to Whistler, BC. February, 2003

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